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KRISISHEFA, meaning "abundance from farming", KRISI meaning Agriculture or Farming in Sanskrit and SHEFA meaning an Abundance, in fact, a Divine Abundance, in Hebrew. 

Mother Earth and Mother Nature have spoilt, so to say, their children by an abundance of choicest foods, to enrich our minds, bodies and soul.

Creation, the birds of the air, the animals on land, the creatures in the seas, do enjoy these choicest foods, however, lately, we humans are in need to reclaim our bonding with Mother Nature and  once again reap rich and choicest foods, abundantly and as a grace.

It's our endeavor to take this "basket of choicest foods" in other words Agri-business and farming to higher productive and nutritious levels in a sustainable format.

Know how from , doing the right things and doing things right clubbed with apt motivation, yields desired results in all Agricultural, Dairy and Farm producing facilities.

We work in a structured format to bring in the right training and developmental programs to the Agri, Dairy and Farm producers, in Asia, from Global leaders, Global Experts and Scientists.

Kennedy Samuel



Business Consultant and Productivity Coach with over 30 years of credible and hands-on experience with Global Business Strategy & Management.  I worked closely with internal & external Technical, Research & Development teams to deliver 1st of its kind & 360° Compliant Solutions & Products, within the Automobile (Engine & Paint compliance), Agri-Dairy-farm (Automation, Green energy) Food & Food Packaging (Shelf Life compliance) & the IT industry (Business Continuity, PCI-DSS: online payment gateway compliance) in challenging Global Environments, as per stakeholder requirements & budgets.



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